Thursday 9 February 2017

Thai glass noodles salad with seafood (Makes 3 servings)

Glass noodles (soaked and cooked)
Prawns (shell to be removed except the tail parts and cut the back of the prawns)
Squid (cut flower)
Chinese parsley (cut about 5cm long)
Red onions (halved it and cut thinly)
Red small chillies 3-4 (depends on the spicyness that you want)
4 garlic (smashed)
2 shallots (smashed)

Seasonings (all to taste)
Thai fish sauce about 2-3 tbsp
Fresh lime 4-5 (squeeze the juice out)
Palm sugar about 1 big whole
3 tbsp Thai sweet chilli sauce (the Thai πŸ” brand)


1. Blanch glass noodles, prawns and squid and set aside.
2. Use a big bowl, smash or pound garlic and shallot. Add chillies, smash it and add palm sugar until its all melted.
3. Put all the seasonings into the mixtures and mix well. Taste it according to your own preferences.
4. Lastly, add in the chinese parsley, onion, glass noodles, prawns and squids. Mix well and serve. 

*As this is my own creation, please adjust the amount of seasonings based on your preferences. For me, I like it to be more spicy and sour, so I would put more lime juice and chillies*
**Very important... DO NOT use ready made lime juice or lemon. Use fresh green lime to squeeze out the juice. Otherwise it tastes very different. The Thai chilli sauce must be the Thai brand πŸ” too**

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