Thursday 9 February 2017

Copy Cat Paris Baguette's Brocolli with Prawns Salad Recipe

Some brocolli (cut)
500g prawns (cut the back)
2 big red chilli (sliced)
8-10 garlic (sliced thinly)
1 onion (sliced thinly)
Olive oil

Thumb size butter
Salt to taste (I used pink himalayan salt)
Black pepper to taste

1. Heat olive oil in pan, fry sliced garlic till golden brown. Remove garlic and put it in a big mixer bowl. 
2. Add a bit of oil and stir fry the onion and chilli till brownish, remove and put it in the mixer bowl together with the fried garlic.
3. Add some oil again and pan fry the brocolli for about 3 minutes and flip it over the other side and fry for a while until you see its a bit burnt (but not burnt πŸ˜›) Don't over cooked the brocolli as we want it to be crunchy. Move it to the mixer bowl.
4. Add a bit of oil again and pan fry the prawns until its cooked but not over cooked again. Remove and put it in the bowl.
5. Add all the seasonings into the mixer bowl and combine well with other ingredients. 

You may put it in the fridge to chill it or eat it immediately.

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