Thursday 9 February 2017

Chicken Rendang Recipe For Children (Non-spicy)

9 whole drumsticks
2 turmeric leaves
5 lemongrass (smashed)
8 salam leaves (optional)
1.5 tbsp curry powder
1 tbsp turmeric powder
600 ml coconut milk
200 ml water
1/2 cup ** Fried and grounded grated coconut (see below)

Ingredients to be blended or grounded
8 big red chilli * very important - removed all the seeds and the vein of the seeds cleanly *
6 cloves garlic
9 shallots
5 candlenuts
1 thumbsize galangal
1/2" belacan
1 tsp cummin seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
2 tsp coriander seed powder


Salt to taste
Palm sugar to taste

**Very important: 1/2 cup fried and grounded grated coconut, I put some salt and sugar when frying it and the pound it to make it slightly smoother**

1. Heat oil in a wok, put all the grounded ingredients and stir fry until fragrant. Add turmeric leaves, salam leaves and lemongrass, stir and cook until fragrant and the leaves and lemongrass softened. 
2. Add curry and turmeric powder, stir and mix it until the paste is a bit dry. 
3. Put all the drumsticks and cook for a while (occassionally flip the drumsticks). When the drumsticks become whitish in colour, add all the coconut milk and water (medium fire).
4. When the gravy is boiled, turn to medium low fire and simmer for about 1-1.5 hours or until you see a layer of red colour oil starting to appear. Off fire. Put all the grated coconut in and combine well.

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